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Discover some little tricks to be sexy in bed in the evenings and in the morning and I guarantee you to be the happiest to wake up every day in his arms

You surely wondered how it would be in bed with him, the first time you would sleep together. Most of the times, however, for women – whether we are talking about the first night, or whether we are talking about the 100th night we spend with our loved ones – is the same thing. Anyway, they feel embarrassed by the shaggy hairstyle, the blurred and troubled face and other inconveniences that come out after a night of sleep.

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Especially not once in my life I have heard saying, “If you really want to see how beautiful a woman is, look at her in the morning when she wakes up from sleep.” A slightly frightening affirmation for most women. And suddenly it seems that the whole range of beauty products for the night is not enough.
But they do not even remain impassable, of course. It is clear that everyone is afraid of the moment in the morning and many run quickly to the first mirror in

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the house, hoping he did not see them in sleep awakening, as he is sleeping, and putting a little mascara and blush.
All these problems end when they usually get married, and their husbands get to see two women in one: a day one and a night one.

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What to do specifically to be sexy in bed

If you realize a few important rules, you’ll be sexy in bed, night and morning
First of all, do not go to sleep or go to bed with him, have sex, look like a clown or as a porn star. On the contrary: Before you go to bed, go to the bathroom and take care of the perfect hygiene of the face. Nothing is more pleasant in the morning than a perfectly clean face of any makeup and cared for accordingly. Follow

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the basic skin care steps: clean it thoroughly, wash it, apply a simple moisturizing cream; nothing oily, nothing heavy or loaded. And even if you like playing the role of prostitute when you get in bed and go to sleep wash any trace of makeup!

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To be sexy in bed do not forget that you have not only a face but a body

And your lover will want to keep you in your arms altogether, not just enjoy your face. Choose in the evening a satin or sexy underwear instead of the eternal sleeping jersey. Also to be sexy in bed, do not forget the evening shower and a discreet drop of perfume. The fresh smell will make him mad at the first hour of

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the morning. He will never forget the sensation and will want you even more. And if you have a body that you are proud of, you can lift your nightclub up over your waist to see you and feel you all the splendor. He will not forget these moments, and the morning with you will continue to be one of the great pleasures of life.

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