[:en]15 things about sex you need to know up to 30 years old[:]




So, read 15 things about sex you need to know up to 30 years old, lest you ever feel surpassed by the situation or taken by surprise!

1. Everything about sex: Men do not care if you get shaved

No one says that you are not allowed to shave yourself with weeks,
but you have to remember that if he wants you, he wants you, not the finesse of your feet.
If it takes you by surprise the next time and you are going to refuse it just because you have shaved three days ago, you make an enormous mistake!
All you need is to feel good in your skin, be sexy and confident.

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2. Everything about sex: Size does not matter

“At least, my opinion does not always matter : D”. Global studies show that women are much more interested in the shape of their partner’s penis than its length. The tip that you need to keep in mind is that size does not matter as long as you feel good and you want your boyfriend the next day.

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3. Everything about sex: All women masturbate

And if you have not done it before, the most important sex advice you can get is to start doing it. There are also 50-year-old women masturbating in live sex chat CamsSexy Stars and there is nothing wrong with this. The better you know, the easier it will be for you to find yourself and your sexual partner for maximum enjoyment. Nobody knows better than what you like and what does not.

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4. Everything about sex: Changes in landscape help

When you have a stable partner, things tend to become monotonous at some point. You can avoid this, taking into account the following advice about sex: landscape changes approach and excite two people louder than nudity.
Try to be more tender, sexy, in public places, in your kitchen, on the hall or why not on the washing machine. If you did not know that sex in unconventional places wonders in a relationship, now is the time to put this advice into practice and to get better sex.

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5. Everything about sex: The sound guide him

Men do not always know what women like when it comes to sex, and this comes from their fear that all women mimic orgasm. Sexual advice: Every time he does the right thing in bed, show him this, moaning.
But do not complime him for anything, that only you will have to lose then because he thinks he is a god of sex. It will not help you to lie him.

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6. Everything about sex: It’s never too late

If you have not yet taken your notebook to write down these vital sex tips, remember the next detail: it’s never too late to reactivate your passion.
Even if it’s been a long time since you did not have sex with your partner, that does not mean you can not fix it. All you have to do when periods of saturation and monotony come in is to start somewhere. Take a sexy lingerie and go and sit down!

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7. Everything about sex: The sex on the phone will get closer

When you have to leave town or country on a business trip, it’s not good to leave him unfulfilled. Give him a phone at night, tell him how much you miss and try sex on the phone. People who have remote relationships say they do wonders.
It’s worth it, too, is not it?

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8. All about sex: Fantasies must be exploited

By the age of 30, you have to learn that your fantasies also have their meaning in a relationship. The more the sex becomes a routine, the less pleasure will decrease. Try to dress for it or try to spice up your relationship by choosing banned or more exciting places for your sex parties and why not sex in 3 in video chat with specialists in sex secrets

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9. Everything about sex: For them, size matters

All of these rules and barriers that men hear are only reducing their self-confidence. It seems that about 85% of women claim that size does not matter so much, while only 45% of men can say the same about themselves.
To be sure you have the sex you need, make sure your partner is happy with what it looks like.

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10. Relationship advice : Men love you anyway

Whether you’ve stayed with a mini skirt, flax socks or a larger shirt, men will not care. They have long been, supposed, to know you naked by need and only need a moment to close your eyes to be able to imagine everything about you.

11. Everything about sex: Kiss is the most important thing

Stable relationships build on trust and respect, but also on passionate kisses. Women are much more willing to go under the bedding with a man who kisses them intensely.
Sexual advice: Learn how to kiss as much as you can until the age of 30, because men think the same as women when it comes to kissing.

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12. All about sex: Women must be the first

When it comes to getting orgasm, women should have it first. And this is because women are more daring and attentive with their sex partners once they have reached orgasm. In this way, everyone is happy and, of course, satisfied

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13. All about sex: Orgasm in women is difficult

Sexual advice: Do not be angry if you do not manage to get orgasm during penetration, because it is an absolute habit. If you thought you were the only woman who could not have orgasm like this, you were wrong. Find out that one-third of women do not get orgasm during penetration.
This is due to the lack of clitoral stimulation, the safest source of infinite pleasure for women.

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14. Relationship advice :If he can not … help him!

Contrary to popular opinion, men can not do it anywhere and anyway, and especially not after the age of 30, when their testosterone levels drop considerably.
So the sexual advice you need to keep in mind about this is that you have to be patient with him and be as seductive as you can. After all, men are not just sex machines.

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15. Everything about sex: Experience!

Even if you have passed the 30-year threshold, you should constantly experience bedding. Keep in mind that things that excite you, will make him mad. After all, life is too short to have unpleasant sex parties. Character suits, very sexy lingerie or sex toys can spice up your relationship, but also bring you to the new sky.
Now that you’ve learned the 15 things about sex that you need to know up to 30 years old, remember the following sexual advice: if he’s attracted to you, you do not have to worry anymore! When it comes to love and attraction, men will not care that you do not know how to untie their belts or make them tea after sex; they will want you.