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Sexual advice


Sexologist’s advice for the sexual life of young parents

“Prelude is recommended, instead of fast penetrating sexual intercourse, the couple starts with intimate gestures like kisses and hugs. This will facilitate the transition to sex and will not be intimidating for the woman.

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Physical intimacy is very important in the life of the couple, helping the transition to a normal sex life, “explains the sexologist G. Marinn for Sexy Stars Entertainment

Sexual advice ⋆  Use contraceptive methods!

“One important thing to remember is that the woman who is breastfeeding or whose menstrual cycle has not returned to normal, may still get pregnant, because ovulation has returned to normal. It is therefore recommended that contraceptive methods are used.

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Contraceptive pills can be given according to the doctor’s advice, as well as estrogen-progesterone combinations. Vaginal sterility should be avoided because it can cause blood clots, “says sexologist G. Marinn

Sexual advice ⋆  Exercise to rejoin the vaginal muscles!

“Because of the weakening of vaginal muscles, many couples do not find sex as pleasing as before birth.

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Women can do Kegel exercises (rhythmic contraction of perineal muscles – pubicoccidians) that contribute to the return of vaginal muscles, “says the sexologist.

Sexual advice ⋆  Adopt a balanced diet!

“New mothers should have a balanced, healthy diet and adequate fluid intake. Caring for your own body should be considered as important as child care. Attention should be directed to the state of health and for resting.

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All this, can help a mother recover faster, the couple regaining their lost sexual intimacy. Returning to normal sex life should not be rushed.

Being a mother is difficult, and the woman must have the necessary time to integrate this extraordinary change in her life, “says sexologist G. Marinn

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