Sex drive foods


This common food increases your sexual appetite

Sex appetite sometimes decreases, influenced by surrounding factors.

Stress, fatigue, lack of money kills sexual appetite. It is known, however, that some foods have the role of reviving sexual life.

Researchers have found, however, that one of the common foods we eat frequently plays an aphrodisiac role.

A study by GourmetMeatClub has revealed that if you eat meat, you are likely to have more action in the bedroom. 2,000 people were interviewed by specialists.

They found that those who eat meat every day have more sex, compared to those who follow a diet focused on other products.

Too much relaxation blocks orgasm

42% of those questioned who eat meat once a day have testified that they have at least one romantic episode once a week, unlike the 16% who do not focus too much on this type of food.

Red meat, fish or liver have a high content of selenium, a mineral that plays an extremely important role in maintaining male fertility for a long time.

It is preferable to eat lean meats, steamed or grilled, not fried.

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The data comes out of a study by PETA, the famous animal rights organization, which gave the vegans the most “Greedy” in terms of sex.

“Viagra is a pill that can make a man resist an entire night, but a vegan diet can bring benefits throughout life,” PETA said.

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