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Sex or love


Sex or love? One fools us, another makes us smarter!

It’s scientifically proven! In times when a man is in love, some areas of the brain work “on the crash system,” while others are fully activated.

When we are in love, precisely the areas of the brain responsible for cognition, concentration and reason are those that work less efficiently, which is why we are doing poorly with some tasks. It’s the frontal cortex.

Little tricks to become romantic …

In an experiment conducted by scientists at the University of London and the University of Maryland, a person connected to a CT scanner, was showed the picture of the loved one, and at that time the frontal cortex was deactivated, which is precisely the region responsible for judgment and reason entered into “stand by” while presenting the image of a loved partner.

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Instead, the areas that are fully activated in moments of emotional inflaming are those that allow us to do crazy things in the name of love.

People who are in love have …

… less control over their own mind, concentration power, and often escape some of the essential details of their work.

Romantic ideas that do not require much time and money …

Although it may not surprise us to hear that love is a bit foolish, researchers show that sex makes us even smarter, improving certain congenial abilities in adults.

Sexologist’s advice for the sexual life of young parents …

All researchers at the University of Maryland, United States, have found that middle-aged adults, studying from the point of view of sexual activity (constant), have demonstrated better fluency, memory and focus. Sexual activity increases dopamine secretion, and it improves memory and cognitive functions in adults over 50 years of age.

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