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Weak men hurt women

Say NO to domestic violence

Only weak and envious men hurt their wives and humiliate them in public, and real men protect theirwives and support them even if they earn more moneyor are smarter

If the man hurts his womanhe is just a notorious loser

There is a living law tested long ago: the more insulting the man and the more humiliating the woman, the worsehe becomes.

Many women know the situation when theman seems to be noble, generous, successful, and when he marries, in all possible ways, he insult, hurt and blame his wife. The woman usually supports, accepts, tries to keep her family and always asks, “Whathappened ? Where is the old man? “

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In fact, nothing happened to him, he has always been like this, but he was hiding his true face under the mask of the decade. Men cannot accept that the woman can be better and more successful than they are and then they connect an effective method – insults, madness and humiliation to show the woman where she is.

But, in reality, behind this behavior is the male weakness, the inability to cope with reality, and the laxity to the problems.

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A strong man will not go down to this level: to hurt the woman, and the one who is capable of it – is a notorious loser.

It is easier to camouflage defects and mistrust with aggression, reproaches and insults. “Look at me, I’m strong, because I can hurt you!” But is this the masculine power? No, the power of a man is his noble, the protection of the weak and the ability to recognize his mistakes.

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That’s why dear women, do not let the beards stand out of your account. Along with you, it should not be a “mother-to-mother” bath, but a real protector who does not hide his head in the sand and will face the problems that will take everything in his mighty hands.

This article is written from the hart and pleaseeee do not forget  ⋆ Say NO to domestic violence

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