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Find out the reasons of having anal sex

What are the advantages of having anal sex and what are the reasons to try you will find all you want to know about this subject

Anal sex : 5 reasons to try

If you’re afraid to try anal sex, you probably have a series of questions: is it safe, it hurts, what can go wrong during a party? And, especially, what are the advantages of having anal sex and having orgasm? For some, anal sex is a sensational experience of intense, but for others it can not be discussed. Before completely abandoning the idea, here are some serious benefits that you deserve to consider.

During anal sex is absolutely no chance for an unwanted pregnancy

When sex involves a penis and a vagina, even if you use protection, there is always a chance, how small for an unwanted pregnancy. In the case of oral sex this is completely out of the question because the sperm can not get so far as to present such a risk. However, be aware that in this case you also need to use protective means, because sexually transmitted diseases can be taken as well regardless of whether you are having classical, oral or anal sex

During anal sex you can have an intense orgasm

Yes, the big O is 100% possible during the anal. In fact, you can experience an anal orgasm in several different ways. They are nerves divided from the anterior wall of the rectum into the vagina, so sexual arousal may occur from rectal stimulation and its intensity is extremely intense. Moreover, the nerve endings of the clitoris extend, in fact, to the anus, so that on stimulating it you can rely on a memorable anal sex game.

5 Benefits of Morning Sex

Morning sex is beneficial both for your relationship, but also for your physical and mental condition!

It’s the perfect opportunity to try some new toys

It’s not a good idea to go straight from scratch to penis if you have never tried to have anal sex before. Instead, the best solution in this case is to start with a finger or two, then try toys like anal balls or plugs. And things can always become interesting when you start to embed your toys. Do you need an inspiration to start the fun? Visit amateurs star chat is one of the largest live sex communities in the webcam




It’s a chance to experience something new

Trying something new in the bedroom is a great way to keep things interesting … and hot. Start by combining the anal with other things you do during sex. If you are a fan of clitoral stimulation, try to do this during the anal. Do you like sharing roles? Try this too. Just make sure you include lubricants in any attempt: the anus does not naturally lubricate the way your vagina is doing, which means you have to produce a slippery feeling on your own.

To what point can we satisfy the partner’s sexual desires.

It is good to satisfy your sexual and partner’s desires to a limit. When you no longer feel pleasure and everything becomes an obligation what is it?

You become incredibly close to your partner

Just like a classic sex party, you have to have a close relationship with your partner. Analyze the best anal sexual positions, placement, angle – all that makes it more enjoyable. (You also need open communication. If something hurts, do not be afraid to talk.) There are studies that have shown that women feel much closer and emotionally connected to a partner with whom they have anal sex because the gender it requires a greater degree of confidence and much better communication.

Hot bath optimizes pleasure

To have a sexual experience by the book, take a warm bath before. Heat increases blood flow to the sexual organs. In this situation, the vagina lubricates better and the tissues are more sensitive

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