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Women’s and men’s fears about sex

Men are worried about penis size more than they fear cardiovascular problems or heart attacks, according to a research published by Psychology Today, which also took into account searches on Google.

At women, fears are quite different!

According to the research, nine out of ten sex-related searches relate to ways in which sexual performance can be improved, and the main reason men are concerned about this topic is the belief that women attach great importance to it.

The reality is, however, that for every online search made by women about “penis size,” there are 170 searches made by men.

Surprisingly, women are more interested in the pain experienced during sex (40%), especially if their partner has a penis that exceeds the average.

The research department at UCLA University also conducted a study showing that 84% of women are pleased with the size of their partner’s penis, only 14% want a more affiliated partner, and 2% have mentioned that the partners are too endowed.

Masturbation have the same benefits for the health as sex

“It seems that not all orgasms are the same,” says Tobias S. Köhler, associate professor at the Springfield Medical School. Research shows that sexual intercourse has all sorts of advantages for men, for blood pressure, heart and prostate health

The second big fear of men is premature ejaculation

Even here women do not attach the same importance as men. Women’s concerns: Vaginal smell, breasts and higher posterior. Representatives of beautiful sex are very worried about vaginal smell, and interest is focused on identifying genital ailments that might be guilty of such an embarrassing problem and ways of resolving the situation.

In this regard, the interest of men is quite low, perhaps because it usually realizes that it is a sensitive subject for the partner and prefer to avoid it, the authors of the study noted.

Psychologist R. Lecca explains in detail why people cheat

If it were the opposite, would it be more interesting? Respectively if we accept that some women can have one night relationships, just like men? ..

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