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Live cam chat with SexyStar FreidaGold

Naked Stars” winner in December 2017 for the most sexy girl in live webcam chat
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Breast size :Big
Build :Petite
Hair length :Long
Sexual preferences :Bisexual
Languages :EN, HU

My good dear FreidaGold is a pleasure to have you with us and thank you for accepting this little interview.

1.  Who is really Adult Sexy Star FreidaGold

Hello, my name is Freida I’m from Ungharia I’m 26 years old I’m a happy person but pretty fragile , I’m optimistic I like to see the good part in people I love having fun and the extreme madness … I really like to do extreme activities including live cam chat and I’m trying to get everything to the limit of the impossible.

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2.  What do you like to do during your free time when you are not in live webcam chat

Well, when I’m not in live webcam chat, I dedicate a lot to my family and friends, I travel a lot but not as much as I want and I try to make new friends all the time, including in Live chat.


3.  Do you think you deserve the name of SexyStar in Live cam chat? something has changed since you won the “Naked Stars” award from Sexy Stars Adult

Well, until I participated and won this “Naked Stars” competition, I was just a sexy girl on a live cam chat that offered a quality show but with nothing special from the other girls. Only after I prepared for the competition I understand that in order to offer a quality show you don’t need erotic toys, but feel the customer’s wish, to be a pleasant and well-prepared company in any other field ,in other words, a GHEISA.

4.  What do you think makes you different from other live cam girls?

Well, I think the quality of the show, to provide a live webcam chat, need to feel, to like, to believe, to be real, to interact with the partner in front of the monitor.
I love, of course if the partner accepts, to use Cam to Cam, so I can see him, I can feel it, I can understand how much it is possible to make the monitor disappear and he to feel me too, to make evrything as real as possible.
Often me and my partener used the same perfume in the room and other little tricks to create a romantic and unique environment only for us where no one can bother us.


5.  What do you think about SexyStarsAdult live cam girls?

It is a very good site for sex chat with lots of live girls, boys and sexy stars, honestly I like it and I kindly recommend it. Whether your fantasy is in sex chat, I’m sure you’ll find someone ready to satisfy you.


* Our opinion about SexyStar FreidaGold:

Sexy Girl FreidaGold truly deserves our attention is in the top 100 “Live Cam Girls” winning the Naked Stars Award.
FreidaGold is the embodiment of beauty on earth with a live chat show of high quality, she loves to use cam to cam and feel every moment beside her partner in the chat.
Many partners have reported that they manage to do everything so real that they can not distinguish whether it was a dream or a pure reality.
If you want a dream and unforgettable experience in live cam chat, we guarantee you that SexyStar FreidaGold is the ideal partner for you and we look forward to a comment telling us what did you like and what didn’t.

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